EMEME’s key strength is our focused specialization in building, integrating and supporting mission-critical business applications and systems to deliver the solutions that achieve your business objectives. Our integrated Global Practices, blended with our best-of-breed tools, standardized processes and skilled resources, enable a consolidated, end-to-end focus for your mission-critical applications and systems.

Whatever your objectives, EMEME has the knowledge and expertise to deliver now and throughout the project lifecycle. By integrating our services, EMEME offers the range of solutions you need for optimized quality, enhanced business value and a reduced total cost of ownership.


Digital Business

Digital channels allow direct engagement with the target audience like never before. we help you with digital roadmap, strategic planning, engagement framework, technology selection and integration and evolve a web strategy that meet your business goals.

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Software Development

Custom Application Development is meant for designing a software that has been designed and programmed for a specific function/need. While all application development outsourcing is technically custom, the difference is that packaged applications were designed with a general set of features to be used by a broad range of users. Custom application development is capable of producing practically any feature you may desire for your site.

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Information Management

Information Management Services at EMEME will help organizations to address information challenges cost-effectively applying industry best practices and solution frameworks. EMEME helps clients to improve efficiencies and execute new business strategies by developing centralized information technology services.

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Outsourcing Services

At EMEME, we recognize the rigorous effort and decision processes our clients must undertake in a highly competitive environment continually changed by new technologies. Our teams manage the day-to-day operations of all or part of your application portfolio to help improve the reliability of mission-critical production applications and control maintenance costs. Today more than 75 percent of companies selectively outsource some IT functions

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Global IT Resourcing

More than ever before, businesses need trained, ready-to-go IT consultants and project managers to meet their immediate business objectives. Success depends on having the right people, the right team on hand to get the job done. When it comes to locating and recruiting top talent in the information technology sector, there’s no better partner than EMEME. We provide highly skilled individuals to implement virtually any IT project

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Technology Expertise