Construction and Engineering

The ongoing massive urbanization and infrastructure expansion in emerging markets has fuelled the growth in demand for raw materials and energy over last decade. As a company within the construction and engineering industry, you face a number of challenges including providing accurate bids and cost collection as well as effectively managing complex projects, change orders, and billing. With shorter turnaround times, increased procurement costs due to volatility in material prices, and increased competition Engineering & Construction industry look at technology as an enabler to bring operational efficiencies.

Our domain specific solutions around Integrated Project Management can help you lower your risks while ensuring better cost control and improved margins. In addition to the industry specific solutions, our transformational Enterprise Solutions offerings around Procurement, Finance & Accounts, and HR can help bring process improvements and standardization with lowered operating costs and added efficiencies. Our Cloud and Mobility based solutions can automate site activities to improve Asset Utilization and Productivity.

EMEME for Construction and Engineering provides:

  • Comprehensive project management including multilevel work breakdown structures, robust resource scheduling, and effective contract management.
  • Efficient bid management through embedded customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities including visibility of historical bids.
  • Complete visibility of project based resources including assets, inventory, materials and labor.
  • Accurate and timely billing of project costs through seamless collection of time, material, and expense transactions.
  • Social Project Management gives the internal and external engineering or construction project community visibility into the events of the project, as they happen. This allows teams to achieve transparency as to project progress and status and enables smarter and more efficient collaboration.
  • Strong and flexible revenue recognition capabilities including profitability tracking and margin control.
  • Comprehensive asset management improving reliability and reducing costs to maintain equipment.
  • Integrated enterprise performance management enabling analysis of a project?s costs, status, and KPIs.

We understand that Construction & Engineering industry demands:

  • Performance driven systems that are reliable and perform even when implemented in less-than-optimum conditions
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Flexible and adaptable solutions that can be implemented across geographies
  • Easy-to-implement solutions that reduce response time

Technology Expertise